Reservoir Bar_072Welcome to the Reservoir Bar, the finest hole in the wall in town. Known to many simply as the “Res Bar”, we are a favorite place for those who work and live in Ybor City everyday of the week from noon to 3am. But be warned, this isn’t the usual frou frou bar you’ll find in Tampa.   We are not the classy joint your dad goes to. We are the character bar where saints and sinners go to blur the lines a bit.

From our Reservoir Dog style (note the posters on the wall) to our specialty beers to our clientele that have so many piercings, they know to undress before going anywhere near a metal detector.

Like I said, we’ve got lots of character, and even more characters. From bar staff stopping by before or after work, to ink covered dolls, to the occasional visitor wanting to hide from the noisy world, we get all kinds. This bar is all about the locals, but tourists are ok too…sombody’s gotta buy the first round.

The best part of our bar, the Reservoir bar, is Reservoir Bar_001that our lil hole in the wall esta
blishment, complete with dart boards, pool tables and a few other prideful drinking games also boasts mixology for those with an itch to scratch sobriety, the best specialty tap beer in Tampa, and, like the rest of Ybor, a history of our own. My staff can mix things that’ll make your toes curl and your clothes vanish…just don’t do it in the bar, unless someone has a camera ready. We need the photos for our web page!

Reservoir Bar_026One final warning from the staff…don’t show up for happy hour on Tuesday or Wednesday looking for anything made from rum and lemonade, unless you want Joe to hurt you with his magical mixes. He’ll make the room spin so bad, you’ll end sitting on the sidewalk, waiting for your house to come by.